Teaching for Thinking really describes us. Our mission is to create educational materials that develop critical, creative and independent thinkers.

Established in 2001, Teaching for Thinking designs digital learning materials and videos that challenge the imagination and stimulate higher order thinking skills.

Our use of rich narrative structure and period illustrations create a life and times documentary-style learning tool. Combined with well-constructed curriculum materials and intuitive technology, we are able to offer a unique series of specialty products, each designed to encourage:

  • independent thinking
  • informed decision making
  • an appreciation of complex issues
  • depth of understanding
  • data interpretation skills
  • understanding of others' points of view
  • growth in knowledge and skills

We work with content and education specialists to ensure pedagogically-impressive programs. Our teacher's guides provide tested strategies for incorporating our content into classrooms and libraries. We use the latest multimedia technology to create and deliver products while ensuring they are accessible on a broad range of computer systems.

We are very pleased to have our work recognized as ‘thoughtful’ and ‘inspiring’, as it was by the Children’s Software Revue. This is exactly what we strive for at Teaching for Thinking.

If you would like more information about the work we do, please contact Mary Connolly, President of Teaching for Thinking.




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